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Walter L. De visser, sr.

Mechanical Inspector

The primary reason for this site is to provide you with copies of Mechanical Applications on-line.  Just open and print.  There are no provisions for entering data on line and no way to accept payment online.  Please mail or take in person to the jurisdiction office (some jurisdictions only will re-mail them to me so you may as well mail applications to me) as instructed on the application.  Checks made to jurisdictions please.

Our rates have increased, due to higher cost of doing business.  The State of Michigan has also increased their rates and added a required fee for rough in inspections for most of their building permits. We have not required an additional fee except for underground and additional needed inspections.

Please double check that the jurisdiction is correct.  The application fee is not refundable. The actual location of the job may not be the mailing address.  Check!!


Arlington Township                                  Covert Township

Hagar Township                                       Bangor Township

Hartford Township                                   Geneva Township

Bloomingdale Township                          City of Bangor

City of Hartford                                        Village of Breedsville

Village of Bloomingdale

City of Coloma                                        Coloma Township

These are the correct and current applications.  You should be able to download them and open them on any browser as they are in HTML format.  I suggest you come back here for your permit applications instead of printing them and filing them.  Save the URL under the bookmark so you will have it.  These are always the current and correct applications and are up to date with phone numbers, emails, jurisdictions, and the latest changes.

I can be reached by phone at 269 427 7543 between 8:00 AM and 10:00 PM.  If you don't get me or the line is busy, call again in 10 minutes instead of leaving a message.   In fact, you are not able to leave a message.  I have my phone with me 24/7 unless I am at a doctors office or in a meeting.  If you still don't get me, Just try again a half hour later and as soon as I am available, or get where I can call, I'll call you back.  Your number should be on my telephone.  If you don't get a hold of me try again because I have my phone with me and we'll connect sooner or later.

Please update your Email as well to my  Email address.  walt@waltdevisser.com.  

I am officially a retired person now but that has not changed any of my duties as mechanical inspector.  I am still inspecting the above jurisdictions and hope to continue inspecting them far into the future, or at least until I am unable to get around and inspect properly.

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